Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Time is quickly drawing near. October 26th, 2010. The date I ship out. On the 25th is the day I officially say goodbye to home, to my Wife and my Family. The clock is ever ticking with a near audible effect. And there are times when I am excited. Other times I am terrified of the change. It's hard to fathom that my life is really going this direction. I mean I have had a pretty stable daily/weekly schedule. Five consecutive eight hour days of work followed by a two day weekend. I could pretty much do things how I wanted. Now I have volunteered to put myself in a position where I have no control.

I know that I have not posted much lately but I have been out-of-sorts trying to prepare for this.

My wife will be Head-of-Household meaning she will be responsible for paying the bills and taking care of everything here at home. Plus, work near full-time and have no time to herself to take care of the emotional adjustment... Let's just say, she's my favorite. I am so proud of her.

There is so much we have to try and prepare for and yet we have no idea what is really going to happen. We're just riding the military wave. It's probably like when an astronaut first feels weightlessness. Losing control over the anchor of gravity and having nothing to grasp on to regain some sort of control.

Well I suppose I will update right before I leave.

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