Monday, October 18, 2010


This past weekend was the closing of a chapter. I had my last day of work on Friday, October 15th. Then on Saturday I drove down to a good friend's place. Two of my other good friends are room-mates with him so it was *bonus*. We had a mini-LAN party playing Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath. Then we went to see the movie "RED", came back to his place and cooked two Tombstone pizzas, always a staple for impromptu LAN parties. After we ate, we played more CNC3: KW until 3am.
The thing about my friends is we're all so weird in our own ways. Sean is loud and obnoxious and can't keep his hands to himself. He's always grabbin someone's butt or twisting their nipples... You see he isn't Gay. We have our way of interacting and as odd as it is to outsiders, it's how it rolls. Below all that is true friend though. We both like to enjoy a good cigar with my other good friend, his room-mate and brother, Sam. It's at that time that the calming scent of cigar smoke bends conversation into something more serious and we just relax. Sam is a Psychology major, and has OCD tendencies. However sometimes his room says otherwise. Sean is scatterbrained and one would think his room would look that way. Oh well, maybe he just had a lazy week??? nahhhh... Sam likes zombies, which was one of the things that allowed our friendship to take root. He also likes, as well as I, playing Ultimate Frisbee. Sean, is always molesting him(not in a sick, bad way. But in a figurative way). Sean will come up and try and lick his cheek and Sam, who used to have the look of horror, now just holds him just far enough away and makes noises. But it's all in good fun. Those two, even though they are not true brothers by blood, are "blood" brothers. They are close.

I put this post on hold for a week. Now I am up in Duluth visiting my parents. And am watching this show on Child Beauty Pageants... Those parents are the most selfish and ignorant people... Children are not meant to hold such rigorous schedules and are not meant to be exposed to attention they can't comprehend. They are teaching their kids that beauty is something you can use to get what you want.

I am sure there is some parent out there that will read this and be outraged that I have such strong feelings against this, but I have a solid reasoning behind it. But this blog is about my military career, so why would I write and gripe about what I am watching on TV? Well, this the eve before my last three days before I leave. And I am enjoying just chillin out with my Wife, Mom and Wife's Cousin before I don't see them and sitting here in utter shock at the life that these little girls have to endure just to make their parents happy is nice because I am thankful that my Mom and Dad didn't put my sister through that.

Going into the military knowing that I have a good solid family behind me makes things much easier. I can't imagine going in to the military with no family support. A documentary I watched highlighted a few sailors that had parents that were drug addicts, prostitutes, etc. and I wonder how they deal. I suppose they are so tired of the life their family is living and they figure they just want to start over... I dunno, it will be interesting to meet those sailors and ask.

In keeping with the title of this post, I will close with this. The memories I will get to bring along with me to Boot Camp, at School and on Ship will be what gets me through. In addition creating new ones to share with my wife and future kids.

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